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BEN Day 2008
BEN Day 2008
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Presentations from BEN Day 2008
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University Talk Spring 10
University Talk Spring 10 hot! Tooltip
Hits: 673
Date added: 05/04/2010
Presentation about GENI ORCA Spring 2010.
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University Talk Spring 09
University Talk Spring 09 hot! Tooltip
Hits: 1587
Date added: 05/06/2009
Presentation on collaborative networking research activities at RENCI for Spring 2009.
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University Talk Spring 08
University Talk Spring 08 hot! Tooltip
Hits: 841
Date added: 06/30/2008
Presentation about BEN and networking research at RENCI for Spring 2008.
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SC11-RENCI-PR hot! Tooltip
Hits: 4287
Date added: 11/16/2011
SC11 Flyer describing ORCA demonstrations in provisioning dynamic slices for computational sciences, Condor and Hadoop on-demand.
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GPO Presentation  Jul 7 2009
GPO Presentation Jul 7 2009 hot! Tooltip
Hits: 1390
Date added: 07/07/2009
Presentation by Harry Mussman, GPO Systems Engineer, to the Triangle research community.
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