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Written by Ilya Baldin   
Wednesday, 16 November 2011 17:00

At SC11 conference the RENCI/Duke ORCA team demonstrated the capabilities of the ORCA provisioning software to create slices of computational and network substrate spanning the entire country. The slices were used to compute molecular properties of candidate solar fuel catalyst materials for a related DOE-funded project. The computation involved a number of serial steps computed on dynamically provisioned cloud resources in NC, connected via BEN, to the DOE Hopper super computer, on which 3000 cores were used to complete the last step. Pegasus workflow management system orchestrated the computation steps within the slice. 

To create the slices ORCA concatenated dynamic circuits acquired from National Lambda Rail (via Sherpa), ESNet (via OSCARS) and BEN into a single Layer 2 high-bandwidth circuit. It also dynamically provisioned cloud resources at UNC, RENCI and Duke to enable the execution of the workflow.

More details can be found in this document: icon SC11-RENCI-PR.  


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