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Written by Ilya Baldin   
Monday, 30 June 2008 03:24
BEN Experimenters Group (BEN-EG) is the body responsible for scheduling BEN resources among the multiple research teams. Every team has a representative in BEN-EG to speak on behalf of the team. Only teams actively engaged in running experiments on BEN have representatives in BEN-EG.

Membership eligibility criteria:

  • A team must have at least one faculty member/researcher from one of the three Triangle universities.
  • A team must be actively engaged in experimental activities on BEN

Application process:

  1. A prospective team submits a description of the proposed BEN activities to BEN-EG containing
    • An outline of the way in which BEN will be used
    • A detailed description of the equipment to be placed at each BEN POP including size, power and cooling needs as well as manufacturer make and model, when available
    • Description of the proposed experiment schedule, starting and ending dates for the team's activities on BEN
    • Description of available personnel resources to maintain team's equipment on BEN
    • Name and contact information of the proposed BEN-EG representative for the team
  2. BEN-EG reviews the application and responds within 30 days. The evaluation criteria are
    • Technical feasibility of the proposed activities on BEN
    • Feasibility of the proposed schedule
    • Availability of space, power and cooling to meet the team's needs at individual BEN POPs

Starting team activities on BEN:

  • BEN Operations team will assist the new experimenter team in setting up and turning up their equipment at individual BEN POPs
  • Team representative(s) will be granted access to BEN scheduling facilities through this portal
  • Team representative(s) will be granted access to BEN out-of-band management network to enable remote access to their equipment
  • The team will be given a web page on this portal to publicize its activities

For further details:

Contact us. 


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