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Written by Ilya Baldin   
Friday, 30 July 2010 20:03

 Participants: George Rouskas, Gigi Karmous-Edwards (NCSU), HPDMnet partners

HPDMnet is a globally interconnected persistent infrastructure service for next generation powerful applications. Examples include: high-definition streaming media,high-performance data transfer, and demonstrating radically new functionalities in networking. HPDMnet implements: (a) access to a very high bandwidth international communications network and (b) the state of the art technology for multimedia creation/ capturing, signal processing, data storage and retrieval, packet data transmission and high resolution audio/ visual presentation. Specifically, this project deploys computing and multi-gigabit-speed networking equipment to establish connectivity to the high performance digital media network (HPDMnet) project. HPDMnet is an international consortium of universities and research institutes building a new infrastructure in support of emerging classes of digital media, including high definition (HD), multipoint to multipoint HD, 4k/ 8k media, scientific visualization, and extremely high resolution imaging. The main activities supported by the project are research and education that will reinforce each other to take advantage of the next generation networking and digital media technologies, while enabling and creating a community of researches and students knowledgeable and skilled in this powerful technology.


BEN provides connectivity from equipment located at OSCAR lab at NCSU to the HPDMnet node in StarLight facility at NorthWestern University.


HPDMnet topology 

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