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Written by Ilya Baldin   
Tuesday, 11 November 2008 15:24

Project Participants: Ilia Baldine, Yufeng Xin, Chris Heermann, Anirban Mandal (RENCI NRIG), Jeff Chase, Prateek Jaipuria, Victor Orlikowski (Duke NICL)

ORCA-BEN is a joint project between RENCI's NRIG (Network Research and Infrastructure Group) and Duke University's NICL (Prof. Jeff Chase). This 3-year effort begun in October of 2008 is funded by the GENI Project Office. The goal is to adapt NICL's ORCA control framework to BEN infrastructure and demonstrate how ORCA can become the prototype control framework for the future GENI.

Our plan is to enable ORCA to provision slices of BEN at several layers, starting from the physical (using Polatis fiber switches), through DWDM (using Infinera DTNs) to Layer 2 and 3 using Cisco and Juniper routers. 

For more details about the project visit the



ORCA / BEN from Renaissaince Computing Institute on Vimeo.

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